Free Digital Health Check

 Digital-Doctors are offering a Free Digital Health Check to Sussex businesses that get in touch. 

What is a Digital Health Check?

It covers:

· Hardware audit

        During the hardware audit the engineer will generate a list of hardware devices such as computers, peripheral devices likes printers or scanners and network equipment.  The audit will review each device and list its attributes to ensure they are running to maximum efficiency and have the correct set up for your business.  This will be done by checking processing speed, memory, network capacity etc.


· Online security

          Your digital health check analysis will review your online security to ensure that your browsers and networks are secure, all certificates are in date.  The objective of online security is to ensure rules and measurements are in place to ensure online security.


· Data security check

          When reviewing your security, the analyst will also check your data, and any CRM systems you run to ensure they are protected against attack from outside or corruption from rouge or poorly installed software.  Your client's data is the bedrock of your business and you are legally bound to ensure any data you hold is secure from malicious attack.


· Disaster recovery

          Disaster recovery review will ensure that you have sufficient processes in place to recover any data lost if your systems should you experience a catastrophic failure.


· Digital Efficiency

           The analyst will review your current devices against your business model, strategy and goals for the future.  If necessary they will recommend any upgrades or alternative devices that may benefit the efficient running of your business.


Terms and conditions: The offer is open from 01 Jan 2018 to 30 June 2018.

The offer applies to companies currently trading within the BN Postcode only. The offer is limited to 1 healthcheck per business covering a maxium of 2 devices. applies to devices with Windows 7 or above.



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