Repair and Maintenance

Laptop, Desktop PC repair & upgrades

Being able to repair and add upgrades means you can get the maximum value from your initial investment. The trouble is, knowing which part needs repairing or what upgrade is going to meet your expectations. More importantly knowing what is compatible with your computer, do you need PCI or PCI-express?


So unless you’re planning to become a computer expert why not let us do the hard work. Our engineers are experienced in asking the right questions, ensuring your computer is back up and running in no time, we’ll also come and install it too!

  • Memory Upgrade (RAM)

  • Desktop power supply repair

  • Secondary Hard Drive Upgrade

  • Graphics Card Upgrade

  • Sound Card Upgrade

  • Primary Hard Drive Upgrade

  • Faulty Hard Drive Replacement

  • Operating System upgrade



PC & Laptop Service

Just like your car a computer, over time, will become less efficient due to general everyday ware and tear. So giving it a good service every now and again will get your computer running faster than it was before as well as helping to avoid more significant trouble further down the line.


Here at Digital Doctors we’ve developed a range of service options to fit your requirements and your wallet. Simply choose below which option best suites your requirement, Contact us to arrange your booking.


Basic Desktop PC service

  • Virus & Malicious software scan.

  • Registry cleanup.

  • Startup optimization.

  • Microsoft update check and install.

  • Hardware update check and install.

Advanced Desktop PC service

  • All the points included in the Basic service, plus…

  • Clean out dust and debris.

  • Full system diagnostic including major components; CPU, Memory & Hard drive.

  • Startup optimization.

  • CMOS battery replaced.

  • Thermal transfer paste replaced.

  • Hard drive defragmented & error scan.

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