IT services

As a full-service IT consulting firm, Digital Doctors offers the following services:

Smart Audio/Visual

.We are surrounded by Audio Visual (AV) content... more



Home & Office Automation 

Automation is the future. Imagine having at your fingertips....  more




We  are able to advise you on the best Network solution for your business.. more




one of the best ways to protect your business is through an IP CCTV system... more



Business Set Up

Our office set up service will allow you to continue running your business whilst we...more



Home Office

When working from home it is important to define your working space or home office...more



Remote Working  

The trend for remote working is becoming more prominent....more



Disaster Recovery

Protecting your business in the event of a disaster, is essential to ensuring...more



IT Support

IT support is often beyond the budget of most small businesses.. more



PC Upgrade

Computer technology  is changing with such speed it is difficult for a small business to... more



Screen Repair

Laptop and PC screens can be surprisingly fragile and can easily break especially..  more



Virus Removal

Protecting your PC or Laptop is essential with the increasing online threats... more



Ink and Printers

As part of our full service Business Membership we offer printer set up... more



Computer Repair

PC’s and laptops are complex machines and they do develop faults... more



Internet Security




Cloud Computing



Cloud Servers








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