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Setting up your small business can be a daunting process and making the decisions as to the correct IT infrastructure, hardware and software without the funds and expertise a large business would have can be a worrying time.  This is why we offer practical advice on setting up your small business office, bespoke to the type of business you are running and your available funds and workspace, we will ensure you have an efficient and cost effective working environment for you and your employees.

As part of the office set up we will provide consultation, supply and installation of all hardware, software, network set up and cabling.  Before we leave we will ensure all systems are running, all software installed and updated, all networks, internet, servers running to their optimum speed as well as all users are set up and logged in.

·         Consultation and supply of Hardware and Software

o   Pc’s, computers and laptops

o   Software, Windows, Skype, CISCO,

o   Telephone systems

o   Printers, Faxes, Scanners


·         Installation:

o   Printers

o   Laptops

o   Computers

o   Cabling

o   WIFI/Internet

o   Networks

o   Servers


·         Software Installations

o   Windows/Office set up

o   AVG Cloud Care online security (with our Business Membership Package)

o   Accounting software

o   Management and reporting software

o   Communications software (Skype, CISCO)


·         Systems checks

o   All software operating

o   All employees set up, log in’s, emails, access, application access

o   Internet speed, connectivity

o   All telephone systems

o   Communication software applications checks


Our pricing structure for set up will vary depending on the size and scope of your business however, we understand that as a small business owner your focus is always on keeping costs down, which is why we will work with you, your budget and timescales to give you the best possible service.  For more information of Office set up or to find out more about our Business Membership packages please contact us.

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