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The Future of home automation is here.  Imagine having at your fingertips, no matter where you are, control of your Home or Office environment. Imagine being able to turn up or down your central heating, or being able automatically turn on and off lights to simulate someone being at home. How about having a curtain or blind open and close automatically, depending on whether the sun is shining.


These are just a few examples of what automation can do, to put you more in control of your world and therefore save time, save money, be more secure and to improve the environment you live and work in.

We use Z-Wave technology we have access to a wide range of devices that can all communicate and collaborate with each other to achieve an almost limitless array of possibilities that are bespoke to each customer’s needs.


  • fully connected gaming/audio and visual technology
  • centralised energy efficient heating and lighting control
  • atmospheric and mood setting with lighting and automated blinds
  • Internet connected remote security systems IP CCTV, wireless security systems


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