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I04 or the forth Industrial revolution has been under way for some time now, it promises a sleeker, more proficient way of working using connective technology and cloud computing.  Whilst many large businesses are able to invest and make headway it can be difficult for the smaller business to find the time, finances and resources to invest in streamlining their business operations, if you are a sole trader it can be almost impossible.

That’s why here at Digital Doctors we offer a small business Automation solution. we will work with you to assess your current set up, review your business software, provide advice and work with your to transform your current software through virtualisation to ensure it is cloud ready, transforming your applications and business software so they are able to run from cloud technology. 

We will also provide advice and installation of:

·         IP CCTV

·         Smart Office lighting

·         Smart security, (door/ Windows smart locks)

·         Smart heating controls

All these applications will enable you to streamline your current business and free up your time to focus on getting new business knowing your information, data and premises are secure and efficient.

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