Protecting your home or business is an essential part of modern living, one of the best ways to do this is through an IP CCTV system. Replacing the analogue CCTV systems the IP (internet Protocol) CCTV systems allow monitoring of your business or home through the internet. The camera is no longer connected to one recording device but through the cloud. The IP camera will also provide faster speed and high definition images, ensuring you have all round protection and usable images should you need it.


To ensure we source and fit the correct system we will assess your needs (business or private property) and make recommendations in terms of which camera best suits your requirements.


Listed below are 4 of the most popular types of cameras.   


·         Internal cameras

We supply and fit a range of internal cameras depending on your needs and budget.  Internal cameras can be used in the home, small office or in large organisations.  They provide the best deterrent and will capture any incident allowing quick resolution of problems.

·         External cameras

External Cameras provide excellent security and surveillance for areas that may be under threat, from theft or vandalism.  CCTV acts as a major deterrent, with clear HD images, images sent through the internet allowing monitoring from anywhere and cloud storage setting up a CCTV camera is no longer cost prohibitive.


·         Bullet cameras

      Bullet Cameras can be used inside or outside the business or property, they are small flexible cameras and come with many options such as infra red imaging and variable focal lengths.

     Bullet cameras are a cheaper option and due to their design they can be prone to vandalism, which is why locating the camera in a safe spot can be is essential when fixing a bullet camera.

·         Dome cameras

More substantial and robust than the Bullet cameras, Dome cameras offer all round view with the stull the same high quality imagery.  Fast moving objects can be captured clearly without blurring as well as cloud storage of all data and files.


For more information about the types of cameras we install please follow the link below to the Hikvision website.

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