Solid State Drives

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A slow computer or lagging computer is quite possibly the most frustrating thing in the world! Apps and webpages take an age to open, it seems you're forever sitting there watching the little blue wheel spinnng around. 
You may have already been through all the various hint's & tips that are suppose to fix the problem, but nothing seems to make a difference. 
At this point you might be thinking you only have one option, to spend another four to five hundred pounds on a new computer. Fortunately however there is another option which will save you money and extend the useful life of your laptop. 

Hard Drive vs. Solid State Drive

Upgrading to a Solid State Drive truely can bring an aging computer back from the scrap heap. Unlike traditional hard disk drives, which have small moving parts inside, Solid State Drives are purely electronic resulting in superior speed, power effeciency, reliability and durability, making them a perfect companion for laptops.
For the user, this means a reduction in the time it takes for the computer to start, it allows apps to open and run faster as well as being a less of a drain on the battery so the runtime increases . This upgrade really does make a huge difference and can extented the life of your laptop by quite some time.


How the service works


Choose from below the right option for you. Then contact us to book in your laptop. Once your order has been confirmed we'll send a protective box for you to box up your laptop and return back to us. Don't worry all shipping costs are included in the price!




Once we've received your laptop. We'll confirm its arrival and take a pre-upgrade recording. We'll then prepare the laptop for its upgrade, taking care all your data is kept safe and secure.




After the upgrade has been carried out we'll take another recording, to show just what a difference the upgrade has made. We'll give the laptop a thourough check over to make sure everything is working as it should. 




Finally the laptop will be boxed back up using one of our protective boxes and dispatched back to you.
Job done!



Suitable if you keep all your data in the cloud or somewhere other than on your computer, like a USB external storage drive



Enough capacity to store some data locally for even better performance and working offline.



You want to keep everything nearby and easy to access at anytime? This is the drive you'll want.




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